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"The opinion and the other opinion".

  • Launched in Australia and Asia Pacific in 2001
  • 24 hour worldwide feed
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  • Current Affairs, Documentaries
  • Encryption (YES)

Al Jazeera was established in the Arab state of Qatar and the first transmission was in November 1996. The channel shows some of the programs as al jazeera live. Since its inception it has stuck to its motto, "Al Ra'e wa al rae al akhar", which literally means "The opinion and the other opinion".

Many news services claim that they offer a balanced view, but arguably the majority offers news through a certain prism, which eventually precludes other points of views. John Pilger once said "It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and the myths that surround it". In comparison to al jazeera english live, aljazeera live arabic has taken it upon itself to always present all points of views and dig deeper into the issues.

International commentators and world leaders appear regularly as guests on many programs.

al jazeera live Television offers news coverage 24 hours a day. Al Jazeera offers its audience independence and freedom of thought. It is one of the largest news channels and offers opinions and debates from more than one perspective. Al Jazeera has strived to become a global name and has succeeded in doing so. The channel offers aljazeera live programs and back to back news coverage.