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  • The only Greek channel you need
  • antenna pacific through a 24 hrs program it expands the voice of Greece offering entertaining, informative, sports economical and music programs as well as documentaries , Greek movies and the most exciting Greek Series.
  • Come home to Greece. The most popular and trusted commercial TV station in Greece antenna greek tv provides news, sport and lifestyle programs to satisfy every viewing preference.
  • Every year, every day , in every house antenna greek tv australia comes first.
  • antenna tv was the first live bridge of communication between Greeks that live abroad and their home country. Antenna Pacific is customised for its viewers which contribute to Antenna Pacific being the most popular Greek Channel in Australia.
  • All Greek speaking people in Australia
  • Channel has credibility and is trusted by Greeks
  • Greece’s program adapted to Australia’s time zone
  • Number one Greek channel in delivering entertainment, news, and exclusive matches of the Soccer Championships, the Greek Cup and the Basketball Championships


News spreads fast, and you can’t stay behind this on TV and learn the news exclusively! Are you wondering what’s happening? What’s on the grapevine? What is said, by whom, where, when and why? Don’t stay behind-follow Stamatina Tsimitsill and the new show FTHIS TV and learn everything first!

Whatever happens in Greece and all over the world, without unnecessary analysis, but with plenty of essence. This is ANT1 NEWS, with a modern profile, fresh look at current events, fully-rounded opinions, trust-worthy financial, political and social reporting.



 Dancing With The Stars  

DANCING WITH THE STARS III begins and Greece feels the rhythm of the most popular show of ANT1



 In the romantic comedy  TO AMARTIMA TIS MITROS MOU the funny situations and the strong passions come along and turn everything upside down in the television land!


The loveliest girls in television are KORITSIA GIA SPITI.!!  They keep us company every morning from Monday to Friday.


 The news with personality , accuracy , humor and a cool viewpoint of the facts, comes to you exclusively through ANT1 . 


 Ant1 and the new show IGIA PANO AP OLA aim to inform us about every development in the medical field. 


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