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(A channel for those who love Italy , its culture and its beauty . Made in Italy broadcasted around the world). 


mediaset italia  is a new linear channel offering the best of Mediaset’s programming a few hours/days after airing on its mainstream local TV channels  ( canale 5 live, italia 1 and Rete 4).

The channel is targeted to the 60M Italians living around the world and to the people who love Italy, its culture and its beauty.

 The programming schedule offers all the key prime time Mediaset programs and all the best of its general entertainment, fiction, fun, news, and soft news coming from the three mainstream TV channels.



Some of Mediaset Italia programmes Include


I CESARONI  III (Entertaining Series)



This season many new adventures with unexpected surprises and twists lie ahead for  the brothers Cesaroni.






Life inside a police station. The life of the professional group of men and women is changed by the unexpected arrival of a women commissioner with a history of struggle against the Mafia




 VIVERE (Italian soap)


A bitter sweet portrait of the Italian province . Love , business, friendship, these are the ingredients of an all-Italian Soap




CARABINIERI (Police Drama)

Paola Vitali ( Manuela Arcuri) chalenges herself in her role as a woman to become a real policeman amongst a profession  that by tradition  and history is made up of men.



TG5 (News)

Among the audience of between 15 -64 , the TG5 is the undisputed leader of information .




VERISSIMO (Soft news magazine)

Verissimo focuses on current events, show business and gossip.




UOMINI E DONNE (Dating Show)

Uomini e Donne is a talk show that aims to find a partner for people looking for their kindred spirit.






Grande Fratello . The famous reality show where a group of people live together in a large house , isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by television cameras.



 Talent Reality Show 

Amici is a  school for teenagers who want tobe singers, dancers and actors;Participants have to attend lessons with experienced teachers and the time spend in the school is filmed by cameras.